What You Need To Start Writing

writing 3

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a fancy laptop, tablet or desktop computer to start writing. Believe it or not, a simple pen and paper will suffice. Buy a notebook, sheath of paper or a jotter. Get yourself a pen or pencil and just start jotting down your ideas and plans for your story.

However, you will need to have your story in the correct format for sending off to agents and/or publishers. That means typed, double spaced and one side of the paper only. You can do this on a computer or typewriter – I would suggest doing it on the former. If you don’t have a computer, nip in to your local library. They often have computers that are free to use…just ask the librarian.

To start writing, you need:

  • notebook or paper;
  • pen or pencil;
  • a watch or clock if you decide to do the exercises in this book.

To get your story into the proper format, you need:

  • desktop computer;
  • laptop;
  • tablet; or
  • typewriter (make sure you keep copies).

Other things you need:

  • inspiration;
  • a great imagination;
  • somewhere comfortable to create (dining room table, study, library, cafe, on a picnic blanket, in bed, your car, anywhere);
  • determination;
  • courage (to let others read your work and for sending off to publishers/agents);
  • patience to wait for replies;
  • a thick skin for any knock-backs or criticism;
  • plenty of tea and chocolate digestives (good for your stamina!).

Right, you’ve got your pen and paper, so let’s get you writing!

Here’s a wee exercise to try

I want you to write a lie and write for five minutes based on that lie. If you want some help, here are some examples you can use or you can make something up yourself:

  • I can fly.
  • My mother is an alien.
  • The man next door collects snails as a hobby.
  • The girl was a princess in disguise.
  • My granny is a ninja.
  • I have a pet tiger called Tiddles.
  • Our house is alive and tries to eat the postman.
  • The girl hid in the smelly dustbin. It’s not easy being a spy, she thought.