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Getting myself out of a slump

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So, I came to write this blog today without anything I really wanted to say. I was up a few times during the night with one of the dogs. Our Jack Russell/Chihuahua cross Millie, who I normally adore, but not adoring at 3am and 4.30am this morning (times are guesses, but probably not far off!) when she had me up. I am shattered today and it’s put me off writing anything. But, the trooper that I am, I decided I would do some writing and type up a couple of my blogs (I have four – see My Other Websites for more info).

Okay, so I sat down staring at a blank screen and thought to myself: what the hell am I going to write? To put that decision off for five minutes, I then decided to download some images to go along with this blog and chose the two I have. It wasn’t until I was looking for the second image (coming soon), that I suddenly had a subject matter. I’m going to talk about how I’ve been feeling about writing lately.

Here goes.

Basically, I’ve been wondering if it’s all worth it. Don’t worry, I have this flap every few years when my novels are rejected or don’t sell or whatever the issue is. Let’s face it, writing is a lonesome business and there’s no guarantee of monetary success at the end of it. I wish I could just write and not worry about the money, but like everyone else, I have bills to pay.

Anyhoo, there’s been this little nagging voice in my head saying to chuck it all in and get a proper job. I have two kids to feed, three dogs and four chickens. Go get a job, Dawn, it’s been saying. Go on! Now, since my husband died nearly four years ago and I chucked my PR job, I’ve never had any intention of returning to the workplace. I love being a full time writer/PR and social media professional and I aim to keep this lovely life I have built for myself. Okay, it’s without the love of my life, but it’s still a good life.

So, (and here’s where the next image comes in)…


… I am going to keep pushing ahead with my writing career (fiction, non fiction etc) and work hard at it. I’ve got loads of ideas for new ways of earning money and will start this week. It really is a motivating thing to know that if I fail, I have to find work. So, magazines, journals, online blogs (etc), be warned because I will be in touch! I am also pushing ahead with my novel writing and my next book is due out next month. Watch this space!

So, how do you get over the writerly blues? Do you, like me, put your big girl/boy pants on and just get on with it? Do you allow yourself a little time to wallow in depression before taking a mental runny at your writing? Is there some other way you bring  yourself out of the slump? I’d be interested to know.

Dawn xx


I'm an award winning writer of fiction and non-fiction, a PR and social media professional and I offer book formatting and editing services for authors. My books include the DarkIsle trilogy, A Children's History of Glasgow, Dusting Down Alcudia, The Jacobite's Share and Everything She Wants. In my non writerly life I am a mum of two humans, three dogs and four chickens. I love reading, crafting, cooking and baking.